Basketball Games

Basketball Games

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world.  Below is a collection of free online basketball games that can be played in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you are interested in shooting some hoops  a slam dunk, we've got what you need.


Shot Clock Showdown

You have 30 seconds to try to hit as many baskets as possible.  Don't let Eddie down!

Eddie's Shot Clock Countdown is an entertaining game.  Your objective is to beat the shot clock by sinking as many balls in the basket as you can before time expires.  There are a fixed amount of baskets that you will be required to make on each level in order to advance.  As you move up in the ranks and get to harder levels, you will be required to make more baskets in order to advance.  By this time, however, you should be getting better at the game so it isn't as hard as it sounds.  There is certainly nothing to get discouraged about!  Use the SPACE bar to control the power and precisions of your shots.  The closer that you get to the center of the meters (these areas are known as the 'hotspots'), the better your odds of swishing the basket will be.  Each basket is worth 100 points.  If you score two or more baskets sequentially, you will receive an added bonus as follows:

Two shots in a row - 100 bonus points
Three shots in a row - 150 bonus points
Four shots in a row - 200 bonus points

You will be awarded 50 bonus points at the end of each level for every second that remains on the timer.  This means that getting all of your shots off quickly is an important strategy if your goal is to maximize your total points.  There are also two 'bonus balls' that can earn you special bonuses.  If you sink a red basketball, you'll be awarded an extra one thousand points.  If you are lucky enough to make a basket with a blue ball, your time will be extended by 5 seconds.  Making these bonus balls count is an important part of mastering Eddie's Shot Clock Showdown.  Good luck!

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Free online basketball games - shoot some hoops or go for a slam dunk.