Basketball Games

Basketball Games

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world.  Below is a collection of free online basketball games that can be played in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you are interested in shooting some hoops  a slam dunk, we've got what you need.


My Mini Basketball

Mind the wind direction and speed and shoot for the basket.  This is a great game to waste a bit of time with.

To get started at the main screen, just click on the PLAY GAME button and you will be taken directly to the game.  The first thing you will see is a basketball hoop that is overlooking some sort of ocean or large lake.  Don't be mesmerized by the beautiful view!  You've got a job to do and that is making as many baskets as you can.  The controls for this game are very simple - all you will need to do is use the mouse.  Above the backboard is a red windsock.  It will show you the direction and speed that the wind is blowing.  So if the sock is pointing to the right with a 2 over it, then that means that the wind is blowing from left to right at 2 miles per hour.  With the mouse, you need to adjust your shot so that you aim into the wind a bit.  The faster the wind is blowing, the more you must accommodate for it.  When you are ready to take a shot, just press the left mouse button and the ball will be shot at the rim.  If your aim is off in relation to the wind speed and direction, you will miss the shot.

Above the rim on the backboard, your total score will be tallied.  Each basket is worth a total of two points, just like in a normal game of basketball.  Also, at the top of the screen are two buttons.  The first is called 'Achievements!'.  If you click on this, you'll see all of the things that you have accomplished in the game.  There are a total of sixteen achievements, so try to unlock them all!  You'll earn some by scoring a certain amount of points, missing a set number of shots, hitting consecutive baskets at predetermined levels and clicking on the different buttons within the game itself.  The other button is called 'View Results'.  Here, you can view your total score including the number of shots that you have taken and your shooting accuracy (the number of shots that you've made versus the total number of shots taken).  Overall, this is a very simple and entertaining basketball game.

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Free online basketball games - shoot some hoops or go for a slam dunk.