Basketball Games

Basketball Games

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world.  Below is a collection of free online basketball games that can be played in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you are interested in shooting some hoops  a slam dunk, we've got what you need.


Free Throw Masters

Make as many free throws as you can before time expires.

On the opening screen, you have the ability to choose between two different languages - Spanish and English.  After doing so, you can then entire your name and continue to the next screen.  Once the game starts, click the left mouse button to grab a basketball from the rack of balls.  Then click in the power meter bar area and let the power for your shot build.  Click the mouse button again at exactly the right time to swish the ball.  If you make three baskets in a row, you will get a bonus multiplier and earn additional points for all subsequent shots that are made.

An announcer will constantly update you with the results of your performance.  He will tell you when rounds have been completed and will also let you know what your effective shooting percentage (calculated as total shots made divided by the number of attempts) currently is.  If you do really well, he will announce that "We are witnessing the birth of a legend!"  As you play this game, you will find that it is not terribly difficult to get good at.  This would make this a good game for kids who may get frustrated at games that are too challenging or difficult.

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Ultimate Mega Hoops
Ultimate Mega


Three Point Shootout
Three Point

Hot Shots
Hot Shots


Trick Hoops Challenge
Trick Hoops


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Free online basketball games - shoot some hoops or go for a slam dunk.