Basketball Games

Basketball Games

Basketball is one of the most popular and widely viewed sports in the world.  Below is a collection of free online basketball games that can be played in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you are interested in shooting some hoops  a slam dunk, we've got what you need.


Basketball Master

Shoot hoops from different pre-determined locations and try to become a basketball master.  Do you think you have what it takes?

To get started, press the START GAME button within the game.  You'll then be taken to a bricked area with a basketball hoop on the wall.  Notice that there is no net attached to the rim.  It was likely cut down by some kids quite some time ago.  Probably the same kids who spray painted all of the graffiti on the walls.  In the right-hand corner of this bricked room is a door.  It is unclear where this door leads and this is never explained during the game.  Perhaps this is where you enter or exit the court.  The entire basketball court seems to be one bricked in room.  This is not the place that most would want to play a game of hoops.  Weather permitting, it seems that most would want to play outside on a playground.  The second choice of most people would likely be some type of gymnasium.

This game can be a little bit difficult to get the hang of.  You control everything using the mouse and the left mouse button.  You have to press the left mouse button and then use the mouse to shoot (or throw) the ball in the direction of the rim.  Let go of the mouse button to release the basketball.  The harder you move the mouse during the shooting process, the further the ball will shoot.  So, if you have a very long shot that you want to make, then move the mouse a good deal.  If you are just shooting a quick little lay-up type shot, then you'll just want to move the mouse a little bit.

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Free online basketball games - shoot some hoops or go for a slam dunk.